GTM Consultants, Inc. has extensive experience in a considerable number of information technology projects. Some of the services we provide include:



Management and Operations - We provide services for supporting and maintaining clients' business computer systems. The services include the installation and operation of business critical hardware, its operation and maintenance, and the configuration of software to support administrative and business functions. These applications cover all aspects of an organizations computer needs, including business management software, custom applications, report writers, and network applications. We also provide support for the desktop, supplying standard hardware and software for user departments.

User Requirements Definition and Needs Assessment - When clients consider changes in information technology or systems, we help examine their objectives; define their general requirements, including those in the software, hardware, and telecommunications areas; and determine detailed functional requirements of all areas affected. We analyze the feasibility of implementation, as well as the effort involved, and help develop a request for proposal, if desired.

Planning and Optimization of Information Technology - When our clients are concerned about the overall effectiveness of management, organizational structure, technical environment, or major operating policies and procedures, we perform assessments of their environment. Our assessment includes development, maintenance, support, and operational activities, alternative recommendations, and assist in the implementation of changes for streamlining operations and reducing costs. We also assist our clients in determining the basic direction of their information systems and technology plans and ensuring that they align with the organization's overall strategies and plans. We help to determine the information needs of different levels of users as input to planning, designing, developing, and deploying systems and applications.

Technology Implementation Planning and Monitoring - During implementation of a management information system or related information technology, we assist our clients in planning, coordinating, and monitoring activities by providing specialized expertise for increasing timeliness of implementation, while decreasing interruption to operations. We help develop implementation plans, followed by assistance in the evaluation and selection of products and vendors, if necessary. We will act as project director if desired.

Quality Assurance Services - We provide monitoring and review services for organizations that are implementing technology projects, whether it is software, hardware, or telecommunications oriented, or a combination thereof. By tracking activities and tasks performed by vendors or employees, we assist management in managing projects for purposes of avoiding discrepancies in deliverables or work products, minimizing schedule delays or overruns in expenditures, or identifying non-compliance with specifications or contractual agreements. A focus of our work is to make recommendations for improvement in policies, procedures, workflow or business processes, activities, and tasks to provide an environment for successful project completion.

Project Management and Professional Work Management Implementation - We select and implement computerized project management or work management systems for engineering, design, technology introduction, software development, manufacturing, testing, installation, and construction, resulting in increased productivity, improved coordination, and overall decision making, shortened lead times, and increased profitability. We incorporate the identification of performance indicators, conduct orientation sessions, and develop systems and procedures, and train personnel.

Performance Measurement Development - We define and quantify fundamental indicators by which management can accurately measure performance. This process involves establishing acceptable benchmarks to evaluate management and provides a vehicle for continued performance tracking.

Management and Operations Reviews - We evaluate the overall effectiveness of a client's management, organizational structure, information and workflow, decision processes, and major operating policies and procedures as a means by which to streamline operations, increase efficiency, or optimize profit potential. During this kind of study, we also perform assessments of individual functional units to identify opportunities for improvement Often a focus is on how information technology can be successfully integrated into the work environment.

Software Implementation Services - We evaluate, implement, and optimize software applications using management tools such as relational databases, spreadsheets, accounting systems, and word processing for mainframe, minicomputer, and microcomputer environments, as well as perform these same functions for clients with local and wide area networks.

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